Nendo Rebrand

To refresh the identity and brand style of Nendo - a digital research, research and training firm based in Nairobi, Kenya


Having understood the firm`s goals and aspirations, i set to create a solid, bold and modern brand style, to help them stand out among peers and competitors. With slight adjustments of the tonalities of their previous earth and nature inspired colors, i handpicked a palette of five, that i felt would best express the brand. A full brand refresh then followed. Spanning from printed materials, icons, web design, social media guidelines and even printed merchandise for their trainings like the certificates. Every point the brand could extend to was thought out and considered. The case study below highlights the major and most notable elements of the redesigned identity system. Enjoy!


With a relatively large online footprint, the brand had to be versatile and flexible enough to extend to the online platforms and still adhere to the brand style created. The main touchpoints i have highlighted are the design and development of a fully responsive website, and design & development (natively within Mailchimp builder) of a Mailchimp responsive email newsletter for the weekly newsletter.

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