Collection of logos & Marks

Over the years of my career, i have been fortunate to collaborate with international and local brands on branding projects. The collection below is a curation of some of the projects i have worked on over the years.

Kenland Sawmill, is a startup dealing with timber milling & processing, in Kenya. Case study coming soon.

This logo & icons were created as part of a brand refresh for Nendo, a social media & strategy boutique in Nairobi.
See case study→

Global Wifi is an Australian startup providing contract free internet browsing packages for travellers, hotels motels, pubs, apartments and individual homes.

Matuk Institute brings scholars to offer insights and scholarly interrogation of some of the most pressing issues bedeviling Africa. The institute focuses on the following: peace, environmental issues, human rights and democracy and promotion of good governance. The institute will draw scholars from all corners of Africa.

This logo was created for a rebrand of a communication agency in South C. Full case study for this project coming soon. Logo in use.

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